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GTA VI Likely To Launch Later In 2025 Than Expected

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GTA VI Likely To Launch Later In 2025 Than Expected

Following last night's earnings call, Take-Two have revised their guidance for fiscal year 2025, now expecting to make $1 Billion less than anticipated by April 2025.

In May 2023, Strauss Zelnick discussed the prospect of Take-Two generating more than $8 billion in fiscal year 25 (spanning from April 2024 to March 2025) which would only be possible following a major launch during that period - widely expected to be GTA VI in early 2025. These projections have since been revised downward to $7 billion, $1 billion less than originally estimated, leading some analysts speculate that the release of Grand Theft Auto VI has been delayed and is now slated for a later launch within Take-Two's fiscal year 26, sometime between April 2025 and March 2026.

During part of the call, Strauss Zelnick was asked how Rockstar Games would settle on a release date for GTA VI, and responded "We're seeking perfection. And when we feel we've optimized creatively, that's the time to release.".

As we've seen many times before, when developers need additional time to optimise and polish their games to perfection, it inevitably means the release date is pushed back.

In fairness to developer Rockstar Games, an official release date for the game has not actually been announced yet, with the first trailer simply stating "Coming 2025", however Take-Two's news to shareholders means a Grand Theft Auto VI release in late-2025 rather than early-2025 is looking increasingly more likely.

As we've seen with other developers' flawed game releases in the past few years, it's always better to delay than to release an imperfect product, although news of a longer wait may be disappointing to fans.

What are your thoughts? Can you bare another 6 months wait for an even better Grand Theft Auto VI or do you still hold hope we'll see GTA VI in stores in early 2025?

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