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GTA VI Cheats

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GTA VI Cheats

When you want to add some more fun to GTA VI's gameplay, try out some cheats.

Cheats can alter various aspects of the GTA VI gameplay. From simple health and money increases to giving you unlimited fire power or changing the colors of vehicles. To keep things fair, cheats disable trophies/achievements.

Where to Find Cheats

In GTA V, cheats were unlocked by either old school button combinations or dialing phone numbers (new-gen). Red Dead Redemption 2 had cheats scattered around the map written in various places so it was more of a scavenger hunt to find them all. GTA VI could follow a similar method. For example, while looking around a storage building in the Grassrivers you may find "IS THIS REAL LIFE" written on a wall. Inputting this phrase could unlock a cheat that makes your character act under the influence of certain substances.

Cheat Code List

All cheats will be listed here as they are found.

What cheats do you want to see return to Grand Theft Auto VI? Or what new cheats would you like to have?
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