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GTA VI Gangs

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GTA VI Gangs

There's power in numbers. Various gangs operate in GTA VI. Make the right friends or wear the correct colors to advance your business - or else.

From neighborhood drug slingers to multi-million dollar con artists, various gangs have control over territories and businesses throughout Leonida.

Car clubs may be their own gang or have connections to a local gang.


Leaks provide possible names for gangs we'll run into in Leonida.
  • Guardia Brothers
  • San 4 San - Appears to be Haitian
  • "Far Right Militia" - Likely has an actual name in-game
  • M7 - Possibly a take on MS-13
It is likely a few gangs from previous HD universe GTA games (and updates of old Vice City gangs) will return. The Lost MC made it all the way out to San Andreas so it is entirely possible we will see them in GTA VI.

Law Enforcement

On the other side of things, law enforcement groups are ready to fight back. There are local, county, state, and likely federal level agencies to ruin the fun.

Leonard County Sheriffs
  • Vice City Police
  • Port Gellhorn Police
  • Vice-Dale County Sheriffs
  • Leonard County Sheriffs
  • Kelly County Sheriffs - Unconfirmed
  • Leonida Highway Patrol (LHP)
  • Leonida Department of Corrections (LDC)
  • Protection of Animals & Controlled Hunting (POACH) - Enforcement powers unknown
  • NOOSE - May include Coast Guard responsibilites
  • Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) - Unconfirmed but likely to be in the game
  • Military - Unconfirmed but likely to be in the game
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