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GTA VI Setting and Story

GTA VI Setting and Story

Grand Theft Auto VI heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond in the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet.


The main focus of the game will be a modern take on the GTA-rendition of Miami, named Vice City, however, we will be going far beyond city limits from suburban sprawl to swamplands. Many real-life municipalities have been sewn together to form the state of Leonida. Note many landmarks have been taken from other locations to fill in as needed by the developers.

Vice City

The urban area will encompass many surrounding municipalities intertwined with Miami.
Vice Beach
Vice Beach
Port of Vice City
Port of Vice City
  • Bal Harbour
  • Fisher Island
  • Key Biscayne
  • Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Miami International Airport
  • Opa-Locka
  • Homestead - Note: From the leaks, this may be part of Port Gellhorn. 

Port Gellhorn

Moving out west, beach getaways-turned-suburbia and old industrial towns line the coast.
Port Gellhorn getaway
Port Gellhorn getaway
Fun off the roads
Fun off the roads
  • Callaway
  • Panama City
  • Panama City Beach
  • Parker City
  • Punta Gorde
  • Sebring
  • Springfield


Based on the famous Florida Everglades, the Grassrivers is a large wetland home to many colorful and dangerous animals.
Airboat tours of the Grassrivers
Airboat tours of the Grassrivers
Various wildlife in the Grassrivers
Various wildlife in the Grassrivers

Leonida Keys

The Florida Keys are barrier islands that stretch along the southern coast out into the open water.
Leonida Keys
Leonida Keys

Military Base

Although not confirmed yet, Florida hosts around 20 military bases from all branches. Many large tracks of land and even water are designated training grounds for US military use. There will likely be at least one military base similar to Fort Zancudo in GTA V that will house various military hardware and vehicles including jet fighters.

Tropical Islands?

The original leaks suggest the game was intended to be quite large emcompassing parts of Central or South America but was later reduced. Later gameplay leaks provided coordinates of the map and show it is very much offset to the northwest. This leaves plenty of space to the east and south for tropical islands based on the Bahamas or other countries.

GTA Online added Cayo Perico as a DLC heist in 2020. The island is said to be off the coast of Columbia but is a mashup of various locations. It is possible this was originally intended for GTA VI.


Story: Inspired By Bonnie and Clyde?

Based on the information we've gathered from the first GTA VI Trailer and leaks, we can be fairly sure the game will revolve around two main characters, Jason and Lucia, who are small time criminals trying to make a quick buck by putting their robbery skills together. Whether they meet before or during the story remains to be determined. It can be assumed there will be some ups and downs for their relationship during the events of GTA VI.
Lucia and Jason make an entrance
Lucia and Jason make an entrance
Trust is important in relationships
Trust is important in relationships

The story will likely follow the pair moving up from small town robberies to multi-million dollar heists as they make new contacts - friends and enemies - throughout the game.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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