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Trailer 1 Will Be Shown On YouTube, Expected To Be 1 Min 31 Seconds Long

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Psy @Psy

Trailer 1 Will Be Shown On YouTube, Expected To Be 1 Min 31 Seconds Long

Rockstar Games posted a link to YouTube where the trailer will premiere tomorrow, with video data found on the page showing the video will last 91 seconds.

As we hit the final 24 hours before the trailer launches, Rockstar posted a Tweet with a link to the video which includes a countdown. It will premiere live on YouTube as the clock strikes 9 AM ET tomorrow, however raw data included alongside the video on YouTube seems to confirm the trailer will be 1 minute and 31 seconds long.

Trailer 1 On YouTube
Rockstar Games

Watch Trailer 1: Tuesday, December 5 at 9AM ET

Published by Rockstar Games

Published on Mon, 04 Dec 2023 12:30:24 GMT

There were no tags.

Category id is 20 which means Gaming

Audio language is EN which means English

The video id is QdBZY2fkU-0

This video has comments disabled.

The video does not have recordingDetails.

This video may be embedded on other websites

This video is not child-directed

The video does not have localizations.

The video length was 1m 31s

{ "duration": "PT1M31S", "dimension": "2d", "definition": "hd", "caption": "false", "licensedContent": true, "contentRating": {}, "projection": "rectangular" }

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