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The GTA VI Game Page Has Appeared On Rockstar's Website

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The GTA VI Game Page Has Appeared On Rockstar's Website

Rockstar Games have silently updated their website and API, enabling their games page for Grand Theft Auto VI. Could we be close to new updates?

Update (May 8th, 5pm BST)

Unsurprisingly, Rockstar Games have removed the page. Visiting the URL below will now redirect users to their original page for GTA VI at The page clearly wasn't supposed to go live yet, but the fact they're actively working on it does suggest we may get some GTA VI updates sooner rather than later. Check out our full page screenshot from the website below to see how it looked.

Original Article

Over the past 24 hours, Rockstar Games have pushed a change live to their website code which is now displaying a games page for Grand Theft Auto VI. As with other games on their website, the game page is an overview of all information, videos, screenshots, news articles and other details about the game.

You can view the new GTA VI games page at:

What's interesting about GTA VI is that the page has gone live with a lot of placeholder data. A lot of this information is automatically generated by their system and their API is returning placeholder data for 4 screenshots and box artwork, however, none of those images actually exist. Because this data exists in the API response, the games page has generated a heading for "screenshots" with nothing to show.

The fact there are errors and a number of undefined or broken images makes it quite likely this page wasn't meant to go live just yet.

Rockstar's game ID for GTA VI is 666, and with this, the page also includes links to view all GTA VI related Newswire posts and Videos:



While this is a reasonably minor update, the fact the games page has gone live makes it quite likely they plan on releasing more news or updates in the near future, including the potential for a number of screenshots.

With Take Two's next earnings report in a week or so, it wouldn't be any surprise at all if Rockstar were to release some new information about the game to build up some additional hype.

Here's a screenshot from the GTA VI games page as of May 8th. I'd say it's fairly likely the page will be removed or changed in the near future.

RockstarGames VI Page

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