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Happy 25th Anniversary Rockstar Games

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Happy 25th Anniversary Rockstar Games

This month, we commemorate the 25th anniversary of Rockstar Games. Established in December 1998, they changed the gaming world forever.

As the anticipation builds for the unveiling of the first trailer for "the next Grand Theft Auto" in December 2023, let's also pause to commemorate and express our gratitude to Rockstar Games for an incredible 25 years delivering legendary interactive entertainment.

One of the biggest and most influential names in gaming, the company has studios around the world and has a reputation for producing record-breaking masterpieces time and again. While they may be most well known for the legendary Grand Theft Auto series, over the last quarter of a century they have been involved in a wide variety of iconic entertainment.

Whether as a developer or publisher, Rockstar Games have had a hand in some of the most memorable games in history across a variety of consoles and gaming devices, including...

Wild Metal
A vehicular combat game where players control futuristic tanks, engaging in strategic battles to conquer various landscapes.
Wild Metal
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy
A skateboarding simulation game that captures the culture and excitement of the skateboarding scene, featuring realistic tricks and challenges.
Thrasher Skate And Destroy
Grand Theft Auto Boxart
Grand Theft Auto (series)
An iconic open-world action-adventure series known for its immersive gameplay, engaging storylines, and expansive virtual environments, allowing players to explore and wreak havoc in fictional cities.
Grand Theft Auto
A third-person action game blending hand-to-hand combat and gunplay, featuring a strong narrative and futuristic setting.
Oni Screenshot
Smuggler's Run
A vehicular combat and racing game that puts players in the role of a smuggler, navigating treacherous terrains and outsmarting rival gangs.
Smugglers Run
Midnight Club (series)
An adrenaline-fueled racing series set in open-world environments, offering players the thrill of high-speed street racing with customizable vehicles.
Midnight Club
The Italian Job
Inspired by the classic film, this game captures the essence of heist and action as players undertake a series of high-stakes missions involving car chases, elaborate escapes, and strategic planning.
The Italian Job
State of Emergency
A riot-themed action game where players join a resistance group to combat a corrupt corporation, engaging in chaotic battles and completing missions.
State Of Emergency Screenshot
Max Payne (series)
A gripping noir-inspired series known for its intense storytelling, cinematic presentation, and the iconic "bullet time" gameplay mechanic.
Max Payne Screenshot
Manhunt (series)
A psychological horror game that explores the dark world of snuff films, challenging players with stealth-based gameplay and gruesome executions.
Manhunt Screenshot
Red Dead Revolver
A Western-themed action-adventure game that follows the story of bounty hunter Red Harlow, featuring gunfights and duels in a wild frontier setting.
Red Dead Revolver Screenshot
The Warriors
Based on the cult film, this beat 'em up game immerses players in the gritty world of New York street gangs, offering intense brawling action.
The Warriors Screenshot
Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis
Offering an immersive and realistic table tennis experience, this game showcases Rockstar's ability to bring precision and detail to sports simulation. With intuitive controls and dynamic gameplay, it delivers an engaging and competitive table tennis encounter.
Rockstar Table Tennis
A music production game that allows players to create beats and music tracks using a variety of virtual instruments and tools, providing a creative and interactive musical experience.
Beaterator Screenshot
An action-adventure game set in a boarding school, following the story of a mischievous student navigating school life, pranks, and challenges.
Bully Screenshot
L.A. Noire
A detective thriller set in post-World War II Los Angeles, featuring groundbreaking motion-capture technology to enhance character expressions and detective work.
La Noire Screenshot
Red Dead Redemption (series)
An epic Western saga known for its vast open-world, compelling characters, and immersive storytelling, exploring the final years of the American Wild West.
Red Dead Redemption Screenshot

All images courtesy of Rockstar Games.

On a personal note I've been lucky enough to visit Rockstar Games' offices in New York City, previewing their new games on a number of occasions as a fan and also got to experience working in their Rockstar North offices in Edinburgh for a number of years. There's not a company on the planet I've dedicted more of my life to and I'm extremely grateful for all of the experiences, memories and opportunities they've provided for me. Here's to the next 25 years!

Happy Anniversary Rockstar Games, and we look forward to your next video gaming masterpiece!

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