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GTA VI Trailer Leaker Paid For YouTube Admin Access

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GTA VI Trailer Leaker Paid For YouTube Admin Access

Just over 6 months ago, the GTA VI trailer was leaked the day before it was due to premiere on YouTube by someone with insider access to YouTube's admin panel.

According to ZachXBT on Twitter, the trailer was leaked by a threat actor who goes by the alias Skenkir. The leaker was able to purchase access to the YouTube admin panel - either directly from a google employee, or more likely on the dark web - allowing him to view the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, which at that point was an unlisted video and unavailable to the public.

Skenkir Youtube Admin

Skenkir then sent messages on Telegram with proof of his access, showing GTA VI's logo and scheduled release in 2025, asking for help in leaking the video with a message that said "BUY $BTC".

Skenkir Trailer 1 Leak Messages

Skenkir Trailer 1 Leak Messages 2

Anyone who was online that fateful night will remember the trailer being leaked on Twitter about an hour before Rockstar officially launched the trailer early on YouTube. The leaked video wasn't easy to watch because of the large message in the middle but the audio was un-altered making it pretty clear it was the official trailer.

Skenkir Trailer 1 Leak

Timeline of Events

20:50 UTC - Skenkir first mentions having new GTA trailer and shares a YouTube admin panel screenshot on Telegram
20:58 UTC - Skenkir shares a screenshot from the trailer showing GTA VI logo and release date
21:58 UTC - Skenkir leaks the trailer on X with "BUY $BTC" message.
23:10 UTC - Rockstar verifies the leak and launches the official trailer early on YouTube

YouTube & Google Employees Under Investigation

This leak was just one of a number of recent problems with YouTube caused by insiders with admin access. Popular YouTuber KSI had planned to give away $10,000 in Amazon gift cards, but before the video went live, it was discovered that someone had already redeemed them all.

"Well... no point trying to collect the gift cards in the latest TNTL (Try Not To Laugh). It's been claimed before the video is even out lmao. It's not me, it's not Mo, the only person that's watched the video is someone at YouTube to check whether the video should be demonetized or not."


Unfortunately these problems will always exist when relying on third parties to keep things secure. We've seen it in the past where people who work at video game stores will play or even sell games before their release date once they receive them, and in the digital world, it's even easier for people to access things they're not supposed to.

For the next trailer, Rockstar will have to be more cautious about uploading the video too far in advance of it's premiere and we may see them launch it as part of a live stream, or directly on their own website to avoid something like this happening again.

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