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GTA VI Bikini Girl Necklace Now In GTA Online

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Psy @Psy

GTA VI Bikini Girl Necklace Now In GTA Online

An eagle-eyed fan has noticed a new GTA Online necklace is the same one seen in the first GTA VI trailer.

In the recently released Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC, Rockstar Games added over 350 new clothes and accessories to GTA Online. Reddit user DogWifiDreads was the first to notice the similarities between a new necklace called the 'Silver Layered Necklace' and the necklace worn by the "Bikini Girl" from the first GTA VI trailer.

The debate still rages on as to whether this girl is Lucia or a random NPC (personally I'm leaning towards an NPC), but either way, her necklace can be purchased from Ponsonbys if you want to decorate your character just like her.

GTA VI Trailer 1 - Frame 1194

Ponsonbys Silver Layered Necklace

Screenshot courtesy of DogWifiDreads on Reddit.

Let us know if you spot anything else GTA VI related in the latest GTA Online content!

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