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Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

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Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

If you use WhatsApp, follow our channel for all of the latest GTA VI news straight to your phone.

WhatsApp Channels allow you to follow updates from businesses, brands or people you're interested in. We've just set up our own channel for this website where we'll be posting updates whenever we've got something new to share. If you're using WhatsApp and you want the latest GTA VI news, make sure you give us a follow.

Visit the link below then hit "Follow" to join us. You can unmute the channel to receive notifications whenever we post anything (which won't be too often - don't worry). WhatsApp Channel

How It Works

Our channel is read-only. We can post updates, you can view them and respond with emojis. We can't see whos following us or any of your personal details. Everything is private. You can of course unfollow at any time (but why would you want to?).

More Socials!

If you're not on WhatsApp, or you just want to keep up to date with everything we have to offer, please check out our other socials and give us a follow!

Thanks, and stay tuned for the next batch of Grand Theft Auto VI updates from Rockstar Games. We have a feeling things are going to get reeeeeeally messy!

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